Calendar Recommended Settings


Recommended settings for using Gmail via the Web interface

When you first log in to your Google Apps calendar, you will notice the default appearance of the calendar interface. There are several settings that you can customize to match your own preferences. Several of the main settings are described below and where appropriate, suggested changes have been incorporated based on customer feedback.

In addition to settings that you can customize, there are also Google Calendar Labs that can be enabled. These labs are experimental features that have not been fully incorporated into the Google Calendar product. Several useful labs are discussed below. 

For more general information on how to use Google Calendar, please see the Google Apps Learning Center.


Calendar Settings

To change your calendar settings click on the Options link (denoted by a gear) in the upper right hand corner and choose Calendar Settings. You will have a list of categories (tabs) across the top of your screen; they are further discussed below.


  1. Working Hours: You can choose what days of the week and your working hours range. For anyone scheduling a meeting with you, they will receive a notice that the meeting is outside your working hours.
  2. Event Dimming: On by default. This allows past events and future recurring events to be automatically dimmed on the screen. Many users prefer to turn this off for future, recurring events.
  3. Custom View: 4 Day by default. This allows you to setup a custom view that appears as a view button in the main calendar interface. You can choose from 2 - 7 days or 2, 3, or 4 weeks as a custom view.
  4. Automatically Add Invitations to My Calendar: Yes by default. You may use either the Yes option or the Yes, but don't send event reminders unless I have responded "Yes" or "Maybe" option. DO NOT use the No, only show invitations to which I have responded option as this option may allow you to miss or be unaware of a meeting placed on your calendar.


Mobile Setup

This settings area allows you to provide a mobile number to receive SMS text alerts on certain event notifications.

  1. Hide Morning and Night: This lab lets you minimize a range of times in the morning and at night so you see only the title of events during your primary hours.
  2. Automatically Declining Events: Lets you block off times in your calendar when you are unavailable. Invitations sent for any events during this period will be automatically declined. After you enable this feature, you'll find a "Busy (decline invitations)" option in the "Show me as" field.
  3. Jump to Date: Quickly navigate to dates in the distant future or past