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NC State University

NC State has entered into an agreement with Google Inc. to provide the Google Apps @ NC State services. Use of the services is governed by University policies and students and employees are obligated to abide by these Rules, Regulations and Policies while affiliated with the University. Use of IT resources provided to the University under a contract with an external provider such as this is also subject to the terms and conditions of the contract with the provider.

The primary policy regarding use of NC State IT resources is the Computer Use Regulation. At a minimum, please read the student-focused summary linked off of the IT-related rules & regulations page. Section 2.4 of the Computer Use Regulation explains that under certain limited circumstances NC State has the right to examine the content of personal electronic information stored on or passing over the University networks or equipment, including resources of an external provider. While NC State does not conduct general content inspection of personal information stored on or passing over University IT resources, monitoring may occur in the following circumstances:

  • To ensure the security and operating performance of its IT resources
  • If there is a reasonable suspicion that a law or University policy has been violated
  • To enforce University policies or compliance with state or federal law

Users own the content of the data stored in their accounts, though they should have no expectation of privacy in personal material stored by them on the University IT managed resources when any of the above conditions have been satisfied.

The Office of Information Technology is available for assistance if Google Help does not answer your question. Browse the complete list of campus Policies, Rules and Regulations at http://policies.ncsu.edu.

Google Apps for Education

The difference between Google Core Apps and Google Consumer Apps:

Core apps agreement

NC State has an agreement with Googe, Inc. for the use of its core apps. NC State's agreement with Google includes reference to their Acceptable Use Policy that users must follow, as well as its Privacy Policy. Note that not all applications and services referenced in the Privacy Policy are provided through Google Apps @ NC State.

NC State's Agreement with Google Inc. *

Acceptable Use Policy

Privacy Policy

Google Security & Privacy Information

* NC State users only. Non-NC State users may request a copy of the agreement by contacting help@ncsu.edu or 515-HELP.


Consumer apps agreement

Each NC State user has an agreement with Googe, Inc. for the use of its consumer apps if they use them.

Most consumer apps fall under Google's General Terms of Service (TOS), but some consumer apps have their own TOS. Select the app you're interested in from the app list, and then click on its respective TOS link to see the terms that apply for that particular app.