Setting up Android Devices for Google Apps @ NC State

OIT recommends the use of the dedicated Gmail application on your Android device to access your Google Apps email account.

The application integrates with Contacts and other Android applications, and includes the following features:

  • Email pushed automatically to your phone
  • Search all your messages
  • Access synched messages when off line
  • View messages by conversation
  • Manage multiple Gmail accounts
  • Stars, labels, and many other features
For more information on using the App, visit Gmail App for Android - Google Mobile Help 


Other Configuration Options

You are able to use to the "Email" application, but you will lose most of the functionality listed above.
To configure the "Email" app on an Android device using ActiveSync or IMAP settings, do the following:
ActiveSync/Corporate Sync Settings

ATTENTION: Former GroupWise Users

If you previously used your device to check email or calendar with ActiveSync and GroupWise, it is recommend you delete all GroupWise accounts, contacts, and calendars from your device before proceeding.

  • Synchronize your Google Apps mail, contacts, and calendar
  • Domain: google\ NOTE: Could be separate fields, Domain and Username
  • Password: Your Unity Password
  • Exchange Server:
  • Check 'Use secure connection (SSL)’
  • Check 'Accept all SSL certificates'
Apply the settings specified on the IMAP Settings page

Synchronize your Google Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts
Be sure to read Google's information on keeping your Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts in sync.