This Gmail guideline is intended for assistive technology users who need to interact with their Google Apps @ NC State Gmail. There are no accessibility problems if you are simply sending or receiving email to or from another user via Gmail.

Gmail can be accessed through either a Web browser or some third-party email clients.

Web Browser

Google provides two browser interfaces for Gmail. Each has some level of accessibility support, but neither is perfect.

Standard View

  • primary way people interact with Gmail
  • more accessible for screen reader users through the Chrome Browser using ChromeVox, but highly problematic.

Basic View

  • primarily for browsers that do not support some advanced Gmail features.
  • lacks some of the functionality of the Standard View.
  • will work in almost any screen reader.

Third-party Email Client

  • Gmail can also be accessed through any email client that supports IMAP or POP, such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail.
  • Some functionality of the Web-based version of Gmail is not available to an email client, but the basic mail functions will work.
  • This is generally the most accessible option for many users.
  • To synchronize your mail, contacts, calendar, and more, see Google Sync.

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