This Gmail guideline is intended for assistive technology users who need to interact with their Google Apps @ NC State Gmail. There are no accessibility problems if you are simply sending or receiving email to or from another user via Gmail.

Gmail can be accessed through either a Web browser or through a third-party email client that supports IMAP or POP.

Web Browser

Google provides two user interfaces for Gmail - the Standard View and the Basic HTML View. The Standard View is the primary way people interact with Gmail and the Basic HTML View is primarily designed for browsers that do not support some of the more advanced techniques Gmail uses. Both the Standard View and the Basic HTML View have some level of accessibility support, although neither is perfect. Also, the Basic HTML View does not have all of the functionality of the Standard View.

For screen reader users, the Standard View is more accessible, yet still highly problematic, through the Chrome Browser using ChromeVox. Also for screen reader users the Basic HTML View will work in almost any screen reader.

Third-Party Email Client

Gmail can also be accessed through any email client that supports IMAP or POP, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mac Mail. While not all of the functionality of the Web-based version of Gmail is available to an email client, the basic mail functions will work. This is generally the most accessible option for many users. Google provides instructions for how to synchronize your Gmail to different devices and applications.

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