Google Apps at NC State Gmail is the official email provider for all NC State students, faculty and staff. Beyond Gmail, Google Apps @ NC State provides a number of other apps to help students, faculty and staff educate, communicate and collaborate.

January 7 2014: Spring semester starts - have you turned on 2-step?


As we start a new semester, OIT would like to encourage our Google Apps@ NC State users to turn on 2-step verification to provide additional security for their email account! To learn more about 2-step, visit http://go.ncsu.edu/2-step.

Oct. 30 2014: Google Drive for Education Roll Out

In early October, Google announced Google Drive for Education which included unlimited Drive storage for all of their Google Apps for Education customers.

This unlimited storage is now rolling out to our domain and all users will have unlimited storage for all their Google Drive files (any file format), Gmail messages and Google+ photos. To check what storage space you are using in your account, go to https://www.google.com/settings/storage.

We have noticed that in the Google Drive sync client on Mac/Windows, a storage capacity of 10TB is showing up. We are unsure at this time whether that is truly a cap or a limitation of the sync client software.

If you have any questions, please direct them to help@ncsu.edu